The 10 Best European Hiking Destinations Where You Can Reconnect With Nature

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6 – Switzerland

One on the list that you may have expected, Switzerland is home to chocolate, cuckoo clocks and sensational mountainous landscapes.

On the Engelberg Trail you can enjoy panoramic views while breathing in the crisp alpine air or climb the Matterhorn – one of the highest summits in the alps.

5 – Spain

A sun-soaked mediterranean trail is beckoning you in Spain, which can add a walking holiday to its already established reputation as beach and culture destination.

Walk the spiritual Camino de Santiago and reach the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Or you could visit Peñalara National Park during a stay in nearby Madrid. Spain also boasts mountain trails and you can explore the Pyrenees on the Pico Sobarcal.

4 – Italy

Italian cuisine and ancient monuments are well publicised, but incorporating a hiking trip into your holiday in Italy could break up the carbs and colosseum trips.

You can spot wildlife on the Sella-Herbetet Traverse or admire the crystal clear ocean and colourful towns along the Blue Trail. Mountain climbing is also an option with the Dolomites or even Vesuvius, thankfully less active these days than in ancient Roman times.

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