How to Fuel Your Hike: The Complete Guide For Hiking Food & Nutrition, Approved by Nutritionist

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Getting started with hiking nutrition

1. Understand your aims

An effective hiking nutrition plan starts with understanding what lies ahead. Are you tackling hills? Facing long spells in the wilderness far from civilisation? Will you need foods in your pack that provide a morale boost as much as an energy lift?

Jot down all the important factors, how long you’ll hike for, how often, when and the intensity, and use it to refine your fuelling needs.

2. Weigh it up

Pack weight and energy expenditure are linked. The heavier your load, the more calories you’ll burn. Think about the nutrient and energy density of all the food you take and aim to maximise both.

3. Create your hydration strategy

Good hydration has many variables and understanding your unique needs for any given trek requires trial and error and attention to detail.

Monitor your sweat rate in different conditions, pay close attention to feelings of thirst and urine colour and remember that water also adds weight. Finding regular refill locations can help you avoid carrying an unnecessary extra kilo.

4. Stock up and start testing

You have the tools to create your hiking food plan, and now it’s time to stock up on the essentials and start your testing.

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