17 Best Crystals for Motivation, Productivity, Creativity, and Focus

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What crystals help motivation?

Are you struggling to stay motivated? These 17 crystals are a great way to boost your motivation, productivity, creativity, and success. You’ll feel more productive, motivated, stayed focus, and self-confident.

Perhaps it is time to reach out to healing crystals for some help. It can be difficult to stay motivated in these challenging times. Finding radiant energy and motivation can be challenging, whether planning your work a week or launching a creative project.

Many people feel exhausted at times. Living in a very yang environment, where we can reach high, push ourselves and see the hustle as a critical element of our success, is a hallmark of our culture. It is hard to keep up with all of this and can cause burnout. It can be subtle and cause us to feel stuck and unable to move forward with our real purpose. This is when you might need to get a boost of divine energy and a shakeup to re-connect with your soul purpose. These crystals for motivation are a great way to help.

17 Best Crystals for Motivation, Productivity, Creativity, Focus, Self-Belief, and Success

Most crystals that work with the top three chakras will help increase your physical vitality. They will help you feel more motivated and have a more significant impact on your energy. These crystals are often the color red (root/first chakra), black (sacral/second chakra), or yellow (solar plexus/third chakra). Carnelian and Tourmaline are the best crystals that I’ve found to boost energy and motivation.

Many crystals will help you to align your particular energetic blueprint. The key is to identify the root cause of your feeling zapped or unmotivated. These are my top 17 motivational crystals. These crystals can be used whenever your enthusiasm starts to wane.

1. Carnelian (Crystals for Career, Motivation, and Endurance)

what are the benefits of carnelian
The Benefits of Wearing Carnelian

Color: Orange and Red

Chakra: Sacral, Root

Origin: India, Romania, USA, Peru, Britain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovakia, Brazil

Carnelian is my favorite crystal for motivation. It has stabilizing energy that promotes movement and vitality, which is lovely for overcoming the loss of energy for a project.

carnelian spiritual meaning
Carnelian Spiritual Meaning

Price: $19.99

Carnelian’s warm colors of the sunset are a great motivator.

This crystal opens the Sacral Chakra, stimulating creative passions. This crystal gives you the strength to overcome fear and procrastination that can sometimes hold back creativity. It is also helpful for training sessions and other situations where you require total focus.

2. Ruby (Crystals for Nobility)

What is ruby crystal good for?
Ruby Crystal for Motivation

Color: Red

Chakra: Root and Heart

Origin: Mexico, Madagascar, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma

Ruby is a stimulating crystal that ignites a passion for a project. You feel empowered and confident to tackle any challenge that may otherwise slow down your ambition and drive.

What is ruby crystal good for?
Ruby Crystals for Motivation

Price: $36.77

This crystal can also be used to give you an instant energy boost. Ruby can be a great option if you feel tired from working on a project.

3. Amethyst (Crystals for Spirituality and Contentment, Meditation)

What crystals help with focus and motivation?

Color: Lavender to Purple

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is known for its positive energy and motivational outlook. It encourages you to take action and helps you make positive changes in your life.

Amethyst promotes clear focus and will assist you in making decisions. This is vital to your success.

Price: $149.99

Amethyst stimulates action and also cleanses the aura from negative energy. It can also soothe anxiety. This creates the ideal environment for motivational thinking.

4. Citrine (Crystals for Motivation & Happiness )

Citrine Crystal Meaning
How to Use Citrine Crystal for Healing

Color: Yellow, ranging from pale to honey or even brown

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Crown

Origin: Brazil, France, Madagascar, Russia, UK, USA

Motivation and happiness go hand in hand. It’s important to enjoy the journey and not only the destination.

Citrine, a sunny and happy crystal, promotes positivity. This is essential if you want to have a positive outlook and attract the things you desire in your life.

It balances the Solar Plexus and encourages optimism.

citrine crystal meaning
Citrine Crystal Benefits

Price: $11.99

Pro Tips: As a stone for success, use a citrine point for motivation.

5. Blue Apatite (Crystals for Inspiration and Manifestation)

What is the stone blue Apatite good for?

Color: You can choose from light, bright, or dark blue

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Origin: Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Norway, Africa, Sri Lanka, USA, Madagascar

Blue apatite can be a motivating stone that can help with your goals.

It balances the yin and yang energy. This helps to dissolve apathy, increase inactivity, and reduce apathy.

Blue Apatite is an excellent resourceful energy source. It also encourages positive thinking and stimulates intelligence. You can also build energy reserves to stay focused.

How do you use the blue Apatite crystal?
Blue Apatite Crystal Meaning

Price: $11.99

This crystal is excellent for business people and students who want to increase their concentration to reach their goals.

6. Red Jasper (Crystals for Motivation & Endurance)

red jasper stone meaning
Red Jasper Stone Benefits

Color: Red

Chakra: Sacral, Root

Origin: Worldwide

Red jasper is the ideal crystal to motivate your chi.

Its closeness to Earth gives it stabilizing energy. This allows you to move forward confidently, especially during stressful times.

What hand do you wear a red jasper bracelet on?

Although red jasper is a soft crystal, it’s still very potent. It is a great crystal for encouraging courage and endurance while instilling a positive outlook. It is a great motivator to help you make new plans for tackling your life’s challenges.

7. Almandine Garnet (Crystals for Tangible Truth and Commitment)

what is almandine garnet used for

Color: Black, Red, Reddish Brown

Chakra: Root and Heart

Origin: India, USA. Brazil, China. Madagascar, Sri Lanka. Australia. The Czech Republic.

The most popular garnet, Almandine garnet, is a beautiful stone to access your inner truths. It encourages you to push forward even when you feel discouraged or unable to believe in yourself.

This crystal is bold. This crystal is fearless and will boost confidence by grounding. It also has protective solid energy, which will dissolve inhibitions. You will be inspired to use your talents and succeed with Almandine garnet.

Note: Almandine can also be called almandite.

8. Red Tiger’s Eye (Crystals for Survival)

What is the spiritual meaning of tigers eye?
Red Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Color: Reddish brown

Chakra: Root

Origins: India, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, USA

Red tiger eyes’ vitality can help you overcome fatigue and boost your motivation if you feel lethargic.

This will help you connect with your true self. This is crucial because life can take you in so many directions, draining your energy and halting your progress.

Who should wear red tigers eye?

Note: The red tiger’s eyes are also called the dragon’s eye.

9. Orange Calcite (Crystals for Creativity)

Orange Calcite Crystals Benefits

Color: Orange/Yellow to Deep Orange

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Origin: Mexico

Orange calcite has a beautiful soft energy that resonates with motivation, willpower, and success.

It is the Stone of Creativity. This will help you tap into your talents and clear away any stagnation or apathy. You will feel more confident and motivated to reach your full potential.

This crystal can also be used to increase your energy. Orange calcite can help you feel more optimistic if you have lost your ambitions or are feeling low self-worth.

orange calcite meaning

Pro Tips: Place a natural orange-colored calcite stone on your Sacral Chakra for a powerful balancing and motivational effect.

10. Clear Quartz (Crystals for Positive Energy)

clear quartz benefits

It looks like this: It is white and bright as a piece of the glacier.

It does this: Clear Quartz is an amplifier that is always ready to crank up your energy, motivation, and power of positivity. Also known as The Master Healer, this gem will help you shake off the dust of old patterns and negative energy. This gem fills you with optimism and inspires you to live your best life.

clear quartz benefits

When to use it: When you want to clear out your mental and emotional closets, this gem will help you to clean out your aura and activate your chakras.

11. Rose Quartz (Crystals for Love and Care)

pink quartz meaning

It looks like this: This Stone is pink, pretty, and has a slight shimmer. This stone radiates feminine energy and love.

It does this: The Pretty pink quartz is skilled at helping you find your feet in the light and love of self-compassion. Sometimes, it’s not about trying to force something. It’s more about finding your feet and having the quiet confidence and belief in yourself that comes with radical empathy. Rose Quartz is a heart healer, and she is always available for gentle, nourishing encouragement.

Why is rose quartz so powerful?

When to use it: You are harsh on yourself because your willpower has been lost. use this Rose Quartz, it will instill a deep sense of love and care. We feel loved, supported, and held. This makes us more able to take risks and reach the stars.

12. Selenite (Crystals for Power and Guidance)

What are the healing qualities of selenite?

It looks like this: In its raw form, it is pale and white with hints of yellow.

It does this: Selenite can be your angel. This Stone is well-known for clearing out unwanted energy and cleansing your palate to help you create the life you desire. Selenite is all for peace and progress, and it makes this possible. It gives you a sense of calm and high vibrations so that you can move into tremendous growth.

When to use it: If you feel like you’re crashing against the world, you can turn to the angelic power and guidance of Selenite. Negative energy can sometimes block our path and fill our hearts with fear and uncertainty. Selenite can be a reset for your soul.

13. Aventurine (Crystals for Motivation and Spirit)

aventurine crystal benefits

It looks like this: Aventurine is a cool cat because of its vibrant green color and mineral magic.

It does this: Green Aventurine stones are always available to assist you in reaching your goals. Sometimes we lose motivation because we don’t know where to go or are on the right track. Aventurine is connected to the heart chakra. It encourages you to let go of old stories that don’t serve you and gives you a greater sense of belonging in this world. Sometimes, that’s all you need to lift your spirits.

aventurine crystal meaning and uses

When to use it: Green Aventurine is a great choice if you feel lost or unsure of your purpose in life. This Stone will give you the insight and courage to move forward.

14. Lapis Lazuli (Crystals for Motivation)

lapis lazuli meaning and healing properties

It looks like this: Starlight scattered across the sky in blue and white Lapis is a mysterious stone.

It does this: All the information we need to make good decisions for ourselves is there, but sometimes we forget or lose track. Lapis can help us regain our intuition and restore our sense of self. If we can speak our truth and own our thoughts, our motivation may work steadily instead of these jagged peaks.

When to use it: Feeling pulled in many directions or like you’re doing too much fencing can cause you to lose motivation and slow down your ability to get things done. In these moments, turn to Lapis to visualize and reconnect with the true you.

15. Fluorite (Crystals for Motivation and Focus)

Fluorite Crystal Benefits

It looks like this: This shot was made with rainbow colors of purple, and green Fluorite is a focus stone forever. Embrace your creative ideas.

It does this: If your mind is full of clutter and racing thoughts, motivation can fluctuate. Fluorite helps to clear your mind and keep you on the ground.

When to use it: Rainbow Fluorite is a great taskmaster because it helps you stay focused on the issue and blocks out distractions. A fluorite is an excellent tool for people when they have to concentrate or get the job done.

16. Pyrite (Crystals for Attracting Abundance & Self Belief)

Pyrite Crystal Benefits
Pyrite Crystal Meaning and Uses

It looks like this: Pyrite, glimmering in golden, is all fire and fantasy.

It does this: This powerful Stone is excellent for manifesting your dreams. This is a peek at the extraordinary abilities of this sparkling gem. Pyrite is derived from the Greek word fire. Pyrite can help you manifest wealth, have abundance, achieve your goals, and strengthen your inner self.

When to use it: You may feel that your life is not what you want. You can place a pin there and change the landscape. It’s a powerful tool to attract abundance.

17. Bloodstone (Crystals for Mental Clarity, Stamina, Strength, and Spirit)


Bloodstone Crystal Benefits
Bloodstone Crystal Meaning and Uses

It looks like this: Bloodstone, which is dark as iron ore but mixed with colors of red and green, is a visionary of vitality.

It does this: This was the gem that was given to soldiers on the battlefield. This crystal was believed to lift their spirits and give them a new sense of energy to achieve success. This Stone can give you the strength to get out there if you feel tired or unable to focus.

When to use it: Bloodstone can be used to replenish your energy when you have lost it. It is mental clarity and stamina, strength, and spirit that carry us forward. Bloodstone is a vital and vibrant stone that supports you with all your needs.

Expert Tips to Maximize the Use of Crystal for Motivation

Crystal healing is a beautiful way to boost motivation so you can achieve your goals. Here are some tips on how to use crystals for this purpose.

  • Crystal jewelry can be a great way to retain the positive effects of gemstones in your energy field. Blue apatite, amethyst, and amethyst can be worn as earrings or necklaces. Red Jasper, Ruby, and carnelian are all great for bracelets, belts, or even in your pocket.
  • You can place motivational crystals in your office, home, or workspace. This will bring energy and enthusiasm to the space, which will be beneficial for everyone who visits it.
  • You can inject enthusiasm into your day with yoga and tai-chi. You can place motivational stones on your mat, or you can sip an elixir made of motivational crystals.
  • While using positive self-talk, mantras, and motivational crystals, you can also hold a motivating crystal of your choosing. This will increase the impact of your mantras.
  • You can walk in the wild while carrying motivation crystals with you or keeping them in your pocket. You will be inspired and awakened by the Earth’s energies.


Motivation can hinder your progress towards your life purpose and productivity. You may feel discouraged or frustrated, and it can also prevent you from achieving your goals.

These nine crystals can help you to feel more motivated. These crystals will help you feel accomplished and successful, as well as encourage self-belief.

Carnelian is my favorite crystal for motivation. This crystal stimulates creativity, and I love using it when I work. It encourages me not to procrastinate so I can concentrate on my goals.

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