10 Hidden Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

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What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex? You may have dreamed of your ex-partner, and even if you no longer feel anything for that person, you likely want to know the meaning of that dream.

An expert explains what it means to dream about your ex. The famous Cuban astrologer specifies that, even if you don’t feel anything for that person, you can keep them present in your mind when you sleep.

He even revealed that dreaming of that person with whom you shared a relationship could become something recurrent.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Ex?

spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex boyfriend
Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

You might have so many questions unanswered that you are still wondering about. No matter if you have ended your relationship with your ex, or it happened by accident, the thoughts of an ex-partner elicit a wide range of emotions. Although you have tried to forget about it and try to get rid of the painful memories, it keeps popping up every so often.

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You must be wondering and trying to figure out the meaning of dreaming about your ex. Let’s uncover the hidden interpretations attached to such dreams.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex Boyfriend

1. Insecurity

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend reflects great insecurity about what is coming for you in the future. What this dream may be wanting to represent is that your life is going through a phase of stagnation.

But do not worry. The fact of dreaming about your ex (or dreaming that you will have a sεχual relationship with your ex-partner) is more common than you imagine. It does not necessarily mean that you want to have a love relationship with that person again. It also does not mean that your current relationship does not satisfy you.

In most cases, it is simply that your unconscious wants to remind you of something about that relationship. It could be something important, a mistake that you are about to make again, for example. This is a warning not to let your guard down and remember what you have already experienced.

It can also mean that your unconscious tries to free you from your frustrated desires because you have been in abstinence for a long time.

What does it mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend and his current partner? If you had that dream, you might feel insecure or insecure about your present, whether with or without a partner. Commonly, an ex-boyfriend is always better than the new one. But do not forget that we all have marks and strong memories after relationships, no matter how good they have been.

2. Fear of Facing a New Relationship

What does it mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend talking? Suppose you want to know what it means to dream of your ex-boyfriend talking. In that case, you can relax since this manifestation of the unconscious does not have a meaning that you have to worry about either. This is one of the most common dreams, and it does not necessarily mean that you continue to connect with that person. Nor is it a manifestation of the unconscious desire to return to that relationship.

So what does it mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend talking? People point out that this dream is linked to the fear of facing a new relationship without a special relationship with an ex-boyfriend. Perhaps you still lack time to be ready or ready to meet a new relationship.

3. Back to Ex-boyfriend

What does it mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend kissing? In general, those who have this dream show signs of wanting to return to the relationship. Perhaps because there are no attributes of the former partner in the current company, or because you are single, and you miss life as a couple.

4. No Longer Loving Feelings

What does it mean to dream of the death of your ex-boyfriend? Dreaming of the death of an ex-boyfriend is something more common than is usually believed, and you should not feel guilty about it. It just means that you have finally forgotten and no longer have loving feelings for that person.

5. Missing Some Aspect of Your Past

What does it mean to dream that you return with your ex? The meaning of dreaming that you are back with your ex can have different interpretations. One of them may be that you miss some aspect of your past. Another of them may involve a reunion soon with that person.

Questions that Will Help You to Interpret Dreaming About Ex-boyfriend:

  • Am I happy in my current partnership?
  • Are there unexplained things between us?
  • How is the communication structured?
  • Were there unresolved issues with my ex?
  • Can I trust my new life partner?

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend

what does it mean when you see your ex girlfriend in your dream
What does it mean when you see your ex girlfriend in your dream – Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex-Girlfriend

Through the ex-girlfriend, a part of the past of dreaming always appears in the dream world. The feelings and experiences in the relationship are decisive for the “correct”, appropriate dream interpretation in this dream image. You should pay attention to whether both of them have still seen each other regularly since the separation and are in contact. The course of the partnership and especially the end are important for the correct interpretation. Did the connection break up during the argument, or are there still friendly feelings towards one another?

The ex-girlfriend’s dream image can also point to unresolved experiences. Perhaps the past relationship has still not been appropriately finalized or processed. It can be the reason for romantic feelings for the ex-girlfriend, which the dreaming tries to suppress.

The trigger for a sudden appearance of the ex in the dream world can also be an experience in the waking world. Perhaps the dreaming has seen her somewhere or heard of her. An unexpected meeting with the ex-woman naturally has all the greater impressions you take to sleep. As a result, memories were awakened again, which then appear as a dream image.

If a dream with the ex-partner is to be interpreted correctly, the action in the dream world is always important. Why does the ex appear there, and what is she doing in the dream? Does she want to clarify something, or does she want a new relationship?

Suppose you experience how the ex suddenly has sεχ with another woman instead of a man in a dream. In that case, this dream situation does not necessarily mean that hΘmosεχual tendencies are present. It is more the dreaming person himself who longs for more tenderness in everyday life.

Dreaming ex-girlfriend symbolism, The psychological Interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation, the ex-girlfriend in the dream world symbolizes a part of the dreaming personality. Usually, unconscious parts of the personality show themselves in this way in the sleep of the dreaming.

Suppose this dream of the ex-girlfriend is to be interpreted correctly. In that case, the appearance and behavior of the former girlfriend are decisive and helpful:

Does the dreaming get on well with his ex, or are anger and arguments threatening? Do both the dreaming and his ex-partner optically match? This includes the style of clothing and appearance.

Are both dressed appropriately for the situation, or does one appear in a sporty outfit and the other festively dressed? If big differences emerge here, then it can also be concluded from the contradictions in the personality of dreaming. The dreamer should be induced to deal more intensely with himself and his character through this dream image.

Often dreaming about an ex-girlfriend during sleep is a real concern with the relationship past likely. From a psychological point of view, this does not mean that the dreamer misses his former in the classical sense. But there may be some points that subconsciously still annoy the person concerned.

Anyone who experiences intimacy and sεχual acts with their ex-partner in the dream world, hugs and kisses the woman, is looking for recognition in life. Sometimes the feeling of loneliness also creates the need for consolation. If you suddenly feel an intense longing for your former girlfriend, the person psychologically processed the failed love.

Expert Note

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-girlfriend symbolizes a part of the spiritual development of dreaming.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Your ex Husband

What does it mean to dream about your ex-husband?

There is a saying that goes like this: “Man and woman quarrel, nobody spoons”. That is true, and only the couple can know what ended that relationship. That is why the dream of an ex-husband is one of the most common dreams out there.

Some women have this dream as soon as the relationship ends, almost every day. Others have this type of dream once a week, which is a very interesting point. Will there be some mystical meaning or even a chance for the relationship to return?

Yes and no at the same time, therefore it is necessary to analyze all the facts. If you want to know the real meaning of your ex-husband’s dream, it is necessary to read the text to the end. In this way, it becomes imperative to continue to the following topics that will reveal more about the dream.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Your Ex-Husband Coming Home

This is perhaps the most common dream that you have likely had. Before you think it’s a harbinger of a possible comeback or even want to give him a call, try to think about it. Remember that there is no point in acting on an impulse and harming your situation. Even more, that is, always be very careful.

You have every right to fight for your love because a dream about it is known to have aroused feelings. But if he wants it, contact will come from him, and you will have to analyze the situation. Try to interpret and see if there is a break, but it may be time to attack if there is.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Married again with Ex-husband

If you dream that your ex-husband will remarry you, it has two very different meanings. The first is if you’re single, it can be a sign that you still love him and want to come back. The second meaning will be related to your relationship, and there is a good chance there will be a lot of fighting. In your way, you have to be careful not to act without thinking first.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Making Love with Your Ex-husband

Another dream that comes out quite often is this one, and it will represent a situation that could be quite unsettling. Depending on how the relationship ended, it’s likely that a strong feeling is still around. The natural attitude is to pick up the phone and send him a message, but it’s risky.

Try to think about everything that happened, especially whether it was just worth it or not. Having this dream means that you have to get rid of the past because you have to live the present. If you want to return, try to do it responsibly and always be aware of its consequences.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Your Ex-husband crying

The meaning of this type of dream is not the simplest, so it is necessary to analyze your heart. If there is a feeling, it is a clear sign that there might be a turnaround, but you have to make it difficult. Don’t betray yourself first, and try to get him to prove his love multiple times.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Your Ex-Husband Dead

I am sure that the dream of a dead ex-husband cannot be a very positive experience. It is necessary to pay attention to his expression, so pay close attention to this detail. If he smiles, it is an excellent omen. That is, one has to move into the future.

You have to get to the root of the problem and gradually solve it, but always respect the time. Remember that it is necessary to live life and hold on to the past; it never had to be an option.

Does Dreaming About Ex-Husband Have Any Hidden Messages?

There are two fronts to any dream: the first is logical, and the second is the spiritual explanation. Anyway, your ex-husband’s dream means that you are still thinking about him and that you need to resolve. The tip is very simple, and basically, it is to turn this page and start a new story.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex From Years Ago

Do you also often dream about your exes? And are you upset afterwards? We spoke to a psychotherapist about what we can learn from our dreams.

Singles and those who have been awarded are equally affected – dreams of ex-partners. Of course, these can be pleasant dreams in which you remember a good time. But also nightmares that revive traumatic moments. In both cases, however, it does not leave you cold to dream of ex-friends. Be it because you have long since finished with the situation or because you feel guilty about your new treasure…

But what if the ex-dreams repeat themselves, and you wake up tired and confused night after night? And why do we care about these dreams long after we have had them? We asked the psychotherapist Magdalena Ségur-Cabanac these questions and got an insight into the world of dreams. Because: This is how the subconscious communicates with us!

why do i dream about my ex years later spiritual meaning
Magdalena Ségur-Cabanac

WOMAN: What can you learn from dreams?


You can learn a lot from dreams. In my Gestalt therapy direction, we all consider what occurs in dreams as part of ourselves. Dreams contain important messages that want to reach consciousness. The important thing is that I can always turn to my dreams and learn more about myself. But: It is not a compulsion! Nobody can force me to deal with my dreams. It should be a self-determined decision because I want to get to know myself better. If I am afraid of the potential message, I can also seek professional support.

WOMAN: But some dreams keep coming back …


Yes, dreams can be persistent! Then it is helpful to take a look. Because it can be that unconscious parts want to tell me something that I don’t want to hear or show me something that I don’t want to look at. This can point to the current life situation that torments me or something that I have not yet dealt with. Or unfulfilled longings show up!

WOMAN: How about nightmares? Am I part of my dream there too?


Yes, I show myself in the nightmare with its fears and feelings. If everything in the dream is parts of myself, then I am also the monster that scares me. For example, the monster could represent its own suppressed aggressive impulses. However, most of the time, a monster does not appear as striking in a nightmare. Still, rather situations in which I feel abandoned or feel strongly responsible for others cannot save someone important. This can indicate an internal imbalance.

WOMAN: It’s not that easy to believe! How can I decipher a dream without the guidance of an expert?


If you want to deal with your dreams, you can write yourself a letter or keep a dream diary. And if I am preoccupied with the monster, it may be helpful to talk to a friend about it and ask what response he or she has to the dream. You should never forget that you have control over what you take from the feedback because the feedback from the other person is colored by their own opinion and view of the world.

“I can always turn to my dreams and learn more about myself.”

WOMAN: Many people keep dreaming of their ex-partner, the ex-partner. It doesn’t matter if the relationship was days or months ago or if you are in a new, happy relationship. Does an “ex-dream” inevitably mean that I’m not over the person yet?


Yes and no! A dream about this or the ex doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not over him or her. Instead, it indicates that something in me is in resonance with the shared experience. For example, if these are nice experiences, I may long for them again. In the dream, it can show how the new partner differs from the ex. And I can also miss these different aspects. For example, in sεχuality, for example, when it was more exciting with the ex than with the new partner. The dream then maybe shows me that I miss this excitement, passion and invites me to integrate these qualities more into my life. It is important that the dreamed longings are not necessarily to be attached to the person,

WOMAN: How can I still look at beautiful dreams about my ex?


For example, as internalized resources of warmth and security. Good memories of beautiful moments. As I said: That doesn’t have to mean that I want the person from back then. But it can indicate that I am currently missing something that I experienced back then.

WOMAN: And bad dreams?


That could indicate experiences that you have not yet processed and that currently block you in life and your strength. Sometimes the ex in nightmares is representative of other previous experiences with men or women. Or for a while in life when you felt used, felt objectified, or showed yourself too little respect.

“Guilt blocks the way to inner wisdom.”

WOMAN: I’m in a happy relationship right now and dream of something nice with my ex? Do I have to feel guilty and tell my current partner that?

Psychotherapist: You definitely

You don’t have to feel guilty! Feelings of guilt and shame block the way to inner wisdom. Dreams about the ex – no matter what nature they are, are perfectly normal and perfectly fine. Because there is always valuable information behind it that says something about myself, I can tell my current partner about my dreams. Still, again: I don’t have to! If I recognize the wish or the unfulfilled longing from my dream, then I can bring that into my relationship. For example, I am related to more passion! I don’t even have to say that I derived this from a dream with my ex.

WOMAN: No internal or external compulsion – that seems very important when it comes to dreams!


Yes, this is important! Coercion hinders growth and development and assumes a deficit. Nobody can force me to occupy myself with my dreams. Neither can you force someone to talk about it? I can see my dreams as pointers and resources, even gifts from my unconscious parts. I decide whether I want to use this information—finally, an excellent example of how dreams of an ex can also help say goodbye. My pregnant client ever told that she “dreamed through” all of her ex-friends – one after the other. With some of them, she had sεχ again in a dream. Still, afterwards, she explained that it was finally over since she was now fixed with her partner and was expecting a child.

How to Stop Dreaming About Your Ex

I dream of my ex. How can I stop?

The role of the subconscious

According to Freud, the dream allows direct access to our unconscious. It is a royal road! Still, according to him, it is, therefore, our unconscious which manifests itself through our dreams, sometimes seeking to send us messages. However, not all dreams lend themselves to interpretation.

Dreams allow the brain to recharge its batteries with energy to be fully available the following day. He frees himself entirely from codes, and that’s why some of our dreams seem very strange to us!

We can dream of a tall blond and know that he represents our father while the latter is small and dark, for example. How do you explain it? In dreams, the appearance and the reality of the being are dissociated, so one should not trust appearances. We get attached more to the interior of people than to their reflection.

What to do before sleeping

The brain tends to draw inspiration from things experienced during the day or thoughts that we had just before falling asleep. So obviously, if you think about your ex during the evening and before sleeping, the chances are he/she will haunt your nights very often!

Before sleeping, I advise you to focus your mind on something else. And for that, there is nothing better than reading. Your mind will entirely focus on the story you are reading, your brain will imagine the characters, and you will be caught up in the story. When you fall asleep, you will still be thinking about your reading, and your ex will be far from your thoughts.

For those who are not keen on reading, watching a movie can be a good alternative. However, screens are not recommended because they can prevent some people from falling asleep. By going around in circles in your bed, the risk of focusing on your ex will still haunt you. This means your effort you have been done for nothing!

Do not focus on your dreams during the day.

We must admit that some dreams are more than destabilizing, especially when my ex haunts my nights and each of my dreams concerns him/her. It is not necessarily pleasant to wake up having spent a scorching night with our ex in our subconscious. We feel guilty, especially if we have appreciated it!

When we wake up after this dream, we have a hard time getting them out of our heads. We go back there quickly during the day, we wonder why, we try to remember the details of our dreams, as if they could explain our messed up dreams!

But the problem is that by focusing on these dreams in this way, you enter a vicious cycle. You are so eager to get your ex out of your head at night end up thinking about it all day long. And if you remember what I explained above, the brain tends to focus on the events of the day and on our recent thoughts to make our dreams.


To interpret the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, it depends on what scenario your dream is about. It of course has a different meaning. However, the behavior and appearance of your ex are always important.

In general, the dream image stands for:

  • past
  • Tensions
  • unresolved conflicts
  • hidden fears
  • Desires

While, the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex generally represents:

  1. Goodbye my lover: Sad, but it can happen in a dream: Your ex-boyfriend dies. This signals you the final conclusion with the former relationship.
  2. Peace, joy and pancakes? Should you reconcile with your ex-partner in a dream, this stands for the positive emotions that you are feeling in your current relationship.
  3. Behind bars: If your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend is in prison in your dreams, this can either indicate unprocessed feelings of guilt or you long for more freedom.
  4. All things new: If you meet your ex-boyfriend with his new boyfriend in a dream, this can be a sign of your insecurities and lack of self-confidence.
  5. Relationship revival: If you are in a dream again with your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend, then that means that you will find your emotional balance again.
  6. Hello! From the other bank: If your ex-partner feels attracted to the same sεχ in a dream, this can be a sign that in real life you have problems with finally letting go of things, people and situations.
  7. Notification of illness: If your ex is sick in your dream world, it stands for painful memories.
  8. No frills: If you just meet your ex in a dream, then this is simply a symbol for feelings that were believed to be forgotten.
  9. The other’s ex: If you are not dreaming about your own ex, but about the one of your current partner, this can show you that you may be unconsciously comparing yourself to this other person.
  10. I miss you!: If your dream comes up with a scenario in which you miss your ex-partner or your ex-girlfriend, this does not necessarily mean that you miss him or her – just certain aspects of your former relationship.

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